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[2023-07-21] Craftable +11, Mystics, Sages, Dyes and more!

Craftable +11 Amulets.
Purified Abyss Magic Stones.
Enlightened Sage Stones.
and more!

[2023-07-07] Shellrios Beach Rave

Shellrios Beach Rave.
Stackable Elixirs.
No more Rosso Cutscenes.
and much more!

[2023-06-23] Big Content Update #2

Official content update.
4th path event.
New custom systems.
and much more!

[2023-06-09] The Elrios Syndicate

Mysterious Merchant's love for Rift Dust.
Nono continues his crime spree.
The Mailbox joins the syndicate.

[2024-05-10] Introduction to Elrios Rift!

Peek through the Elrios Rift to see what awaits on the other side.