The Missing Soul - 13th October, 2023

★ The Missing Soul ★

Lord Baal's Manor

lord balls

Do you remember the infamous flamingo Jerry from the ordeal at Nani's Okashi?

He found himself in a rather unfortunate state:


The archdevil Lord Baal found Jerry's body washed up on the river near his manor.

As it turns out, Jerry signed a contract with no other than the Demon Army Commander herself, Karis.

She arrived on the scene to collect his soul, except... there was no soul to be harvested.

"Jerry's a flamingo, not a ginger, so where did his soul go?" Karis mumbled to herself.

"Ugh, it couldn't have gone that far, I will enlist the help of others through my contracts!"

"But where in all of the realms will I find people stupid enough to not read my contract terms?"

Just as she thought it, a shiny blue portal opened over the river.

The Mysterious Merchant peeking through the rift upside down, shouted at her:


Anyone can access Lord Baal's Manor and receive Denif's Blessing.
You can do it via the event button on top of your screen or using COBO Express.
The fishing area can be accessed by going through the portal on the right side of Karis.
You must be level 99 to obtain Captured Souls in dungeons, PvP or Ereda.
This event lasts until 2023-11-09 23:59 server time.

Devil's Advocate

Going to uninvited places is your expertise

Lord Baal's Manor is rumored to be haunted by ghosts...

To remain undetected, you must dress the part!

Stay in-game for 10 minutes to obtain per account (level 15+)

Soul Searching

Soul searching...

Help Karis find Jerry's soul by signing her contract and giving away any and all souls you capture along the way.

She promises you great riches in return... if you can trust her.

[ElsRift] Captured Soul in Baal's Manor River

You can seek them with at Baal's Manor in the river.

You can purchase them from Karis.

By using this bait you can also catch: at higher rates

only works at the Baal's Manor fishing area!

The rate of catching is x100 higher than any other fishing area!

[ElsRift] Captured Soul in PvP and Ereda

for every x2

Win x6   Loss x2

All rewards are received automatically at the end of the match.

Ereda also rewards an additional bonus of 1 for every match.

Example Ereda rewards: x24  x13

[ElsRift] Captured Soul (4)

★ Water Dragon Sanctum

★ Debrian Laboratory

★ Forgotten Elrian Sanctum

★ Elrianode City

★ El Tower Defense

★ Heroic Dungeons

★ Wally's Underground Laboratory

★ Dragon Nest: Abyss

★ Transporting Tunnel: Contaminated Area

★ Velder's Hallucination

★ Temple of Trials

★ The Rage of Behemoth

★ Grand Cavern: The Source of Demonic Energy

[ElsRift] Captured Soul (5)

★ Crimson Tower of Howling Flames [Story]

★ Never-Ending Darkness [Story]

★ Crimson Cradle of Flames [Story]

★ Shrine of the Two-Headed Serpent [Hell]

★ Elrianode Training Grounds [Hell]

★ Spirit Sanctum [Hell]

★ Water Dragon's Compass [Hell]

★ Nasod Testing Chamber [Hell]

★ Gate of the Setting Sun [Hell]

★ Anguish of the Wavering Servant [Hell]

★ Unraveling the Knot of Memories [Hell]

★ Labyrinth of Ruin

★ Guardian's Forest

★ Dark Elves' Outpost

★ Forsaken Spirit Asylum

★ Shadow Vein

★ Sea of Ruin

★ Abandoned Deep-Sea Tunnel

★ Trosh's Nest

[ElsRift] Captured Soul (6)

★ Glacial Land

★ Old Village Site

★ Sanctuary of the Soul

★ Plegas's Gaze

★ Plegas's Reflection

★ Savage White-Gost's Castle [Story]

★ Altar of Invocation [Story]

[ElsRift] Captured Soul (7)

★ Abandoned Icerite Plant

★ Capital-Bound Train

★ Theme Park Entrance

★ Tricky House

★ Puppet Theater

★ Concert Mania

★ Shadow Earl's Castle

[ElsRift] Captured Soul (8)

★ Crimson Tower of Howling Flames

★ Never-Ending Darkness

★ Crimson Cradle of Flames

★ Titan's Grotto

★ Plegas's Labyrinth

[ElsRift] Captured Soul (10)

★ Savage White-Ghost's Castle

★ Altar of Invocation

★ Sunken Holy Ground (Normal)

★ Blooming Mineral Field (Normal)

★ Nightmare's Crib (Normal)

★ Birth of Origin (Normal)

Karis's Contract

Karis will shower you with rewards in exchange for souls!


x 12

x 15

x 16

x 20

x 25

x 27

x 30

x 32

x 35

x 37

x 40

x 42

x 45

x 47

x 50

x 55

x 60

Exchanges will be available at the Mysterious Merchant for 13 days after the end of the event!

Deal with the Devil

Your browser does not support the canvas tag. :(

Karis's contract even promises special perks and rewards for all of the Elrios Rift's travelers.

Collect souls and exchange them with Karis for rewards.

If the travelers supply her with enough souls, great blessings await...


Gained perks will be enabled for the period of 2023-11-10 to 2023-11-23 (after the maintenance.
Gained items will be in a timer event after the maintenance of 2023-11-10.
You can see your collective progress on this page updated every 10 minutes!

Last Update:

★ Ice Burner ★

Sacred Knights

Sacred Knights Ice Burner

As players voted Sacred Knights is now available!

The associated buff will also be applied!


Ice Burner

[ElsRift] Sacred Knights Weapon Cube

[ElsRift] Sacred Knights Top Cube

[ElsRift] Sacred Knights Bottom Cube

[ElsRift] Sacred Knights Gloves Cube

[ElsRift] Sacred Knights Shoes Cube

[ElsRift] Sacred Knights Hair Cube

[ElsRift] Sacred Knights Accessory (Face Top) Cube

[ElsRift] Sacred Knights Accessory (Face Middle) Cube

[ElsRift] Sacred Knights Accessory (Top Piece) Cube

[ElsRift] Sacred Knights Accessory (Bottom Piece) Cube

Player's Choice Results

All votes are in!

The winner is Sacred Knights!

Followed by Thanatos and finally Chess Arena.

This table displays their release schedule:


The buff lasts 90 days from the beginning of each rotation!

★ Cash Shop Additions ★

Pet Libera (Limited)


and now available.

Ends on 2023-11-09!

One Piece: Incubus & Succubus (Elsword to Rose)

Incubus & Succubus (Elsword to Rose)

One Piece: Grim Reaper - Death & Rebirth (Elsword to Lu/Ciel)

One Piece: Grim Reaper - Death/Rebirth (Elsword to Lu/Ciel)

Set: Psychic Devil (Elsword to Lu/Ciel)

Set: Psychic Devil (Elsword to Lu/Ciel)

Set: Gloomy Night (All Characters)

Set: Gloomy Night (All Characters)

Hair pieces can be dyed!

Customization: Gloomy Night

Customization: Gloomy Night

Accessory Set: Demonic Fox

Accessory Set: Demonic Fox

Pets: Grim Reaper - Death & Rebirth

Pets: Grim Reaper - Death & Rebirth