Big Content Update #3 - 29th September, 2023

★ Official Content ★

Big Content Update

This content update catches us up to 7th June 2023 of NA official content.

Some of the most notable content is:

  • Pruinaum Raid Challenge
  • 4th Path Synergy
  • 4th Path Mod Skills
    • Elsword
    • Aisha
    • Rena
    • Raven
    • Eve
    • Ara
    • Lu/Ciel
    • Laby
  • Balance Patches
  • Reforge Requirement Adjustments from 2023-08-02 (NA)
  • Imprint Cost Reduction from 2023-08-02 (NA)

★ Synergy Support Module ★

discord light mode at 2 AM

To celebrate the arrival of the new official content we have prepared something for you!

Stay in-game for 10 minutes to obtain per account (level 15+)

This event lasts until 2023-10-12 23:59 server time.

★ Elrios Pass Season 2 ★

Free Pass
Premium Pass

Featuring vastly improved rewards and balanced for F2P players!

Such as Perfect Shadow Effect and Magic Wardrobe (MW) Tickets, +21 reforge scrolls, +10/+11 amulets and much more!

MW Tickets will let you get the looks of any item in the Magic Wardrobe, excluding IB / Event tabs!

Both free and premium get the same rewards, including the daily mission reward increase.

Premium simply gives you everything doubled (2x rewards, +2 daily mission rewards)

Another benefit of Premium is the Season quests which total 20,000 EXP additionally.

Additionally, using the new K-Ching gifting system, F2P players can obtain premium too.

Elrios Pass Ticket Exchanges

These tickets can be exchanged for selective rewards at the Mysterious Merchant!


x 1

x 1

x 1

You can access the Elrios Pass using the in-game event button.
The free pass is automatically enabled for every account!
If you buy the premium later, you will unlock all the previous rewards automatically.
The Elrios Pass Season 2 will end on 28th December 2023, 23:59 server time.

★ Ice Burner ★

Sanctus Seraphim

Sanctus Seraphim Ice Burner

As players voted Sanctus Seraphim is now available!

The associated buff will also be applied!


Ice Burner

[ElsRift] Sanctus Seraphim Weapon Cube

[ElsRift] Sanctus Seraphim Top Cube

[ElsRift] Sanctus Seraphim Bottom Cube

[ElsRift] Sanctus Seraphim Gloves Cube

[ElsRift] Sanctus Seraphim Shoes Cube

[ElsRift] Sanctus Seraphim Hair Cube

[ElsRift] Sanctus Seraphim Wing Hair Cube

[ElsRift] Sanctus Seraphim Accessory (Face Top) Cube

[ElsRift] Sanctus Seraphim Accessory (Top Piece) Cube

[ElsRift] Sanctus Seraphim Accessory (Bottom Piece) Cube

★ Cash Shop Additions ★

Seraphim Eyes (Limited)

Seraphim Eyes (Limited)

This item is part of the current Ice Burner rotation.
It can be obtained until 2023-10-26.

Set: Elrios Noir

Set: Elrios Noir

Hair pieces can be dyed!

Set: Street Skater

Set: Street Skater

Hair pieces can be dyed!

Idle Motion: Street Skater

Deep Blue Eyes

Deep Blue Eyes

Awakenings: Chung, Elesis, Rose, Ain & Noah

Awakenings: Chung, Elesis, Rose, Ain & Noah

Hair Color Palette (Violet Mood)

Hair Color Palette (Violet Mood)

Hair dye in Elrios Rift contains a healthy dose of 0% RNG!