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[2023-05-26] Daily Mini Events, PvP, Ereda, ESPC and more!

Daily Mini Events.
Permanent Weekly Character Jump.
PvP and Ereda Revamps.
Raid Reworks and more!

[2023-05-12] Yuno's Salvage Closure, Revamps & More!

Yuno's Salvage has been seized by the authorities.
Nono becomes a diplomatic negotiator.
Elrios is now a tax haven.

[2023-04-28] Tirnog Weekly, EXP Rates, IB/DIY & More!

Poll winner IB in rotation.
New DIY season.
A bunch of QoL improvements and more!

[2023-04-17] Yuno's Salvage!

Yuno is back and he needs your help!

[2023-03-31] Big Content Update #1

Our first official content update.
The twin villains have arrived!