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[2023-09-15] Giant Boss Surge and Abyss Rewards!

Improved Ran Raid rewards.
Giant Boss Surge and more!

[2023-09-01] Mark of Acknowledgement, Ident Swaps and more!

New Mark of Acknowledgement rewards.
Physical and Magical Identification Transfers.
and much more!

[2023-08-18] Rift's Blessing, Mysterious El Lord and more!

Enhanced PC cafe buff.
Elrios Syndicate rewards.
and much more!

[2023-08-06] Seren's Departure, PvP, El Tears, DIY and more!

Seren's Departure.
PvP Rework.
El Tears Changes.
and much more!

[2023-07-21] Craftable +11, Mystics, Sages, Dyes and more!

Craftable +11 Amulets.
Purified Abyss Magic Stones.
Enlightened Sage Stones.
and more!