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[2024-07-05] Sir Seren and the Hermit Crabs

Restoring the balance of the ecosystem... or something

[2024-06-21] Title Customization, Hyperactive Resets and more!

Title Customization System.
Hyperactive Resets.
SD with friends.
and more!

[2024-06-07] Small Guilds, Dyeable Hairs, Reorder Shop and more!

Guild fountain for small guilds.
Dyeable promo hairs.
Reorder Shop and more!

[2024-05-24] Lithia Additions, Marks, Henir and more!

New additions for Lithia.
Henir reward changes.
Custom marks.
and more!

[2024-05-10] Big Content Update #5

Official content update.
Avarice module event.
and more!